The Datamax Worldwide Mission & Vision...
A Better World Is Simply A Choice We Make.
The hope for a better future is a universal dream.
Making it happen is a responsibility that needs to be shared by all.
The Datamax Worldwide Mission
To Eliminate Poverty By Accelerating Technology
At Datamax, our obsessive, single-minded focus is getting technology out to the most impoverished people on the planet. People who, through no fault of their own, were born into unfortunate circumstances that are filled with needless suffering and despair which is completely preventable. These people currently have no hope for a better future. Our mission is to change that.

By solving major problems for all of our strategic partners and clients, we can sustainably move technology resources into the third world in order to connect them to the global information and economic networks. Our goal is to show the impoverished a path to self-sustainability and to provide them with all of the tools and guidance needed in order to make their efforts a success.

The United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals are undeniable proof as to how important and urgent our mission truly is. According to the 2019 Sustainable Goals Report:

"We are moving too slowly in our efforts to end human suffering and create opportunity for all: our goal to end extreme poverty by 2030 is being jeopardized as we struggle to respond to entrenched deprivation, violent conflicts and vulnerabilities to natural disasters. Global hunger is on the rise, and at least half of the world’s population lacks essential health services. More than half of the world’s children do not meet standards in reading and mathematics."
The Datamax Worldwide Vision
To Live In A World Where Everybody Has Access To An Abundant Future
At Datamax, we don't believe that success and opportunity should be predicated on geographical placement. Our imaginary borders should no longer be a determining factor when it comes to whether or not somebody has access to the most basic resources of life. Especially since technology has now made prosperity a possibility for anybody with an internet connection.

The Datamax Worldwide vision is designed to lay a foundation which will allow us to make the geographical equalization of opportunity a reality instead of just a dream. By providing people with the initial building blocks needed for success, they can start to provide value to the outside world which will in turn bring a cascading economic benefit to their surrounding community. Their exponential success will have a huge impact on our ability to collectively achieve the SDGs by 2030.

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