Technology Connects People & Opportunity...
We Should All Be Given A Chance To Succeed.
Providing access to education and the global economy.
When people become self-sustainable they no longer need charity.
Why Is Technology So Important?
Technology Is The Greatest Equalizer That The World Has Ever Seen
At Datamax, we believe that sustainable development can only happen within a fully connected society. This is because access to technology gives people the ability to take control and change the direction of their lives. Self-education and a networked economy mean that people no longer have to be restricted to the circumstances handed to them by virtue of birthplace. 

The Global Learning XPRIZE highlighted the importance of bringing literacy and education to the people who don't currently have it. The reason is actually quite simple. Educated people can develop skillsets that can make them money, which then gives them the ability to take care of themselves.
Poverty Occurs When People Require More Value Than They Have The Ability To Provide
Economics in its most basic form is actually quite easy to understand. It's just people helping people. If you solve a problem for somebody, then you get paid accordingly. After this happens, then you can pay somebody to help you solve your own problems, like obtaining food and shelter.

There are two major reasons why people are unable to escape poverty. The first is that they are unable to obtain the education needed to gain a valuable skillset. The second reason is that they do not have access to anybody willing to pay them for their help. Technology solves both of these problems by allowing access to self-education and a worldwide marketplace.
Self-Education Changes Everything
Gone are the days where you needed a computer science degree just in order to build a website. Now you can simply go to Youtube for free and learn the basics from some random teenager in Venezuela in under an hour. This brings with it a cascading series of implications which are exponentially changing the world we live in. Knowledge is still power, but knowledge is now more plentiful and accessible than it's ever has been.

In the first world, we now have access to more information than we could ever personally consume. We carry it with us almost everywhere we go, and solve pretty much all of our day-to-day problems with a simple Google search. If we'd like to dive in a little deeper, then there are thousands of places online with structured courses that can teach us almost anything.

One of the biggest advantages to this paradigm shift is that education is becoming democratized and dematerialized. Anybody with a connected device can quickly gain a skillset which people are willing to pay for. This means that by getting technology into the hands of the worlds poorest people we can accelerate their rise from hopelessness and include them in the prosperity that we take for granted.
Giving People Unlimited Access To Opportunity
For thousands of years, our ability to benefit from economic availability was dictated strictly by our geographical placement. If there was nobody around us to do business with, then it was impossible to do business. We had to either move locations in order to find somebody to do business with, or we would have to go without the benefits that came from the labour of other people.

In our current society, technology has all but eliminated the logistical restrictions that we used to face. It's now easier to do business with somebody on the other side of the planet, than it was to do business with your closest neighbour only a hundred years ago. This is precisely why accelerating technology in the developing world is so important.
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